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Who is Astrologer Vishnu Shastri?

Indian Astrologer Psychic & Spiritual Healer Vishnu Shastri is a world-renowned Indian Astrologer, Psychic and Spiritual Healer in Canada and currently resides in Canada. Vishnu Shastri specializes in palm reading, horoscope reading, black magic removal, as well as other services to resolve all of the problems in your life through providing solutions with special protective prayers, pujas, mantras, and yantras. Astrologer Vishnu Shastri began his training at 9 years old and comes from a long lineage of Masters, priests, and spiritual healers. He has solved many complex problems for the past 20 years and has developed a very positive reputation amongst his clients, gurus (teachers), and peers for having the ability and gift to solve even the toughest.

Astrologer Vishnu Shastri Specializes in

His astrology remedies stretch over the major areas of the life of his clients. He has attained an unparalleled and exceptional position in the field of astrology, with the astrology services he offers to the people from the different walks of life in regards to their love life, marriage, health, job, and profession. You can too seek answers for the different aspects of your life with the his help.






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Earl White
Earl White
There astrology service is really nice and i loved the solution he provides to me.. Accuracy in current affairs. Provide blessings for situations and rectifications if needed..
Helen Newman
Helen Newman
Had phone consultation with sir. His predictions about past & present were100% true. I hope his future predictions will come true..Astrologer Vishnu Shastri is amazing astrologer and spiritual healer in Canada......
Jason johnston
Jason johnston
Would strongly recommend it to all those who are looking for astrological solutions. Best astrologer.Vishnu Shasthri is one of the bestest astrologer in Canada. ....
Anthony price
Anthony price
.Very accurate predictions, great knowledge, and best guidance are obtained from him
Justin gray
Justin gray
Their counseling fee is reasonable compared to their information. .Vishnu Shasthri is one of the bestest astrologer in Canada. If you have any problem then you must meet him once.
Ralph gordon
Ralph gordon
Thank you Guruji, you have given me the best guidance. . Had the best time with you. Best place with complete security.
Elliot week
Elliot week
Their counseling fee is reasonable compared to their information. .Vishnu Shasthri is one of the bestest astrologer in Canada. If you have any problem then you must meet him once.
Legend top
Legend top
Guruji you are an expert in giving accurate astrology predictions with the best knowledge. which impresses me....
Cassandra Limon
Cassandra Limon
He always inspires all his disciples to help others with the help of this divine knowledge.
Ellen Adams
Ellen Adams
We also take you online if needed, you are always there to help, do not hesitate.

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Yes, horoscope readings are extremely reliable when it comes to ascertaining the future course of life. Since horoscope or birth chart readings rely on the movement of the stars and planets in the different houses of the horoscope during the time of your birth, they accurately tell how your life will be like in the coming years.

Sun and Moon Sign are two of the most important elements of horoscope reading. The sign where the Sun is positioned during the time of your birth is known as the Sun Sign whereas the sign where the Moon is positioned during the time of your birth is known as the Moon Sign. Each sign gives a person different characteristics or traits.

When the planet Mars is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house from your Moon sign is when your horoscope is under the influence of Mars. The planet Mars is associated with marriage and thus Manglik dosha can impact a marital life or worse can cause problems in finding a good match, but with Pujas, this dosh can be removed.

This is the most common misconception that people have that a lifeline represents the number of years you will live. No, a short lifeline simply tells the encounters you will have in life and the kind of life you will live. A short one indicates a life full of struggles. Your heart line tells about the number of years you will live.

If you can change your own future, then where does God stands among all of this. Your life is set in motion by your past karmas and you have to lead it in a way the God demands. Though no one can change the course of their life, you can know in advance and be prepared for what is to come with the power of horoscope reading.

Astrologer vishnu shastri
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